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We Love Pets Training


To keep dogs and cats from being sent to shelters due to behavioral issues. Behavioral issues are one of the main reasons pets are relinquished to shelters. Christine accomplishes this by offering gentle and positive training to her clients.



Christine Evans has a passion for working with dogs. She has been training for over 10 years. Call (913) 709-4725 to schedule your training now.

Puppy Kindergarten

Do you want your puppy to become a calm member of your family? In this class, we will work on potty training and eliminating those pesky puppy behaviors such as biting, chewing, jumping, crying when left alone, barking, and much more. Your puppy will learn to sit, stay, down, leave it, drop it, look at me, go to their bed, come when called, greet people nicely and walk calmly on a leash. Puppies must be 12-20 weeks in age.  Children ages 10 or older may attend. To save your spot. Call Christine Evans at (913) 709-4725 with any questions or to sign up.  

Doggy Manners

In this class you will learn how to teach your dog to become an adjusted, happy member of your family. Your dog will learn how to meet and greet people nicely, sit, down, come, stay, leave it, drop it, go to your mat and walking nicely on a leash.   To save your spot. Call Christine Evans at (913) 709-4725 with any questions or to sign up.   

Therapy Pet Training

 Do you have a dog or cat that is calm and loves to be around people? If so, I offer pet therapy training for you and your pet. A Therapy Pet is a cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, etc. that is certified to visit hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, churches and other places they may be needed. Therapy pets can increase emotional well being, promote healing, and improve the lives of those they visit.

A certified pet therapy dog must have basic dog training (sit, down, stay, come, walking nicely on a leash, look, drop it, leave it, emergency recall). In addition to the basics they will need to learn to greet people of all ages, sex and ethnicity nicely, be comfortable around other dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. They will also need to be comfortable walking around walkers, wheelchairs and all types of activities and noises. Christine can train you and your pet to become a certified pet therapy team with Pets For Life. She offers group classes and individual training.

Call Christine Evans at (913) 709-4725 if you have questions or would like to sign up.